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3225 e. midshipman Dr. Augres Mi 48703

Ayc Opening day

Hours Open

fRiday & saturday
Dinners start at 5:30





THE CLUB OWNS 2 docks to use to enjoy an evening of fun come by boat or dingy!! Numbers 14 & 34

We only ask for donations to keep them well maintained which can be given behind the bar. Here they are......



Live Music


May 25 open to public 
Bob huges
Jun 29th/July27th
Venetian parade 
Aug 17th open to public 
Gabe Couch
Aug 23rd
Electric Flower Co.
Sept 7th




The Au Gres Yacht Club has been a part of the Au Gres community for many years. We would like to invite you to join us. Membership includes:

Pool – Our outdoor heated pool lets you work on your tan and then take a dip that won’t have you shivering the moment your toes touch the water. Open 9-9

Clubhouse – Whether its just lounging in the clubhouse watching our big screen TV, playing a game of pool, catching up on the latest fishing reports or just visiting with friends, the clubhouse is available to you.  

Activities – We have a full schedule of activities for our members. Poker Runs, Fishing Tournaments, Wine Tastings, Golf Outings, Game Nights are some of the activities our members enjoy during the season

Facilities - We are fortunate in having our friends Scott and Lori Walker and Renee Torella operating a fuel dock and marine store adjacent to our club.  In addition, Scott and Renee Torella take excellent care of our toys in the off season at Bayside Storage just up the road.

We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Au Gres Yacht Club.  Please feel free to come out to visit.  We’ll be glad to show you around!

If you would like more information regarding our clubhouse, events or membersihip please send us an email at...



-Grilled Chicken sandwich

-ayc cheeseburger

-ayc double cheeseburger

-ayc hamburger
-ayc double hamburger

-hot dog

-pulled pork sandwich

-French fries

-onion rings
with chips, coleslaw

Board members

Commodore -  George Hill                                                            V. Commodore Dale DeWard


Treasurer - Liz Hickey 


Secretary TBA




Chris Houghtaling 


Duane Hadley

Ludwig Tischler 


Lisa Salgat


John Yonan

​Charlie Fachting


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